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How To Buy A House In Lagos And Pay Later With Instalments

Trying to save up to buy your dream house or land can look like a long process, especially in places like Lagos where many Nigerians think that only wealthy people can own a house or buy land. This is not true, you don't need to have all the money in this world before you can become a property owner in Lagos. As a matter of fact, a lot of people that that own a house or land in Lagos are average income...

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5 Important Tips On How To Buy Property In Lagos.

To buy a property in Lagos is one of the needs of every Nigerian. This requires the help of experts who know the nitty-gritty of buying a property in Lagos, Nigeria. This is simply because, in Nigeria, there is a risk of fraudulent activities in the real estate industry as potential buyers have been duped on their hard-earned money. This has given rise to bad circumstances on the part of the...

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The Ultimate Guide To Land Documents In Nigeria

Land documents in Nigeria vary so it can be classified as either free or acquired. A parcel of land is considered free if the government has not indicated any interest whatsoever in that land. Such land is safe to buy because the title on the land can be perfected without issues. In most cases, such lands will either have a gazette, a C of O or a governor’s consent. Now that...

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Five (5) Investment Opportunities Of Buying Real Estate In Nigeria

Five (5) Investment Opportunities Of Buying Real Estate In Nigeria To buy or own a piece of real estate in Nigeria is an investment strategy that is known to be lucrative, offering income in the form of rent-and-appreciation- when you sell an appreciated property at a profit. In addition, buying real estate in Nigeria might still be considered nonlucrative, if not done properly. Generally speaking,...

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